40ish & Sophisticated: Vancouver Women's Art & Culture Group

Group Description

Currently, the membership to this group is closed. However, the group is new and some who ave joined may decide not to participate. If you remain interested, please let me know and you can be put on a waitlis based on the date you send me an email expressing interest. I will make sure I follow up with you by updating status. Read below for why this is a closed group. Thanks....... Do you like getting dressed up? Enjoy live theatre? What about the ballet - wish you could go? Yearn for intelligent conversation amongst a core group of women? Appreciate a good dinner at a great restaurant? What about drinks at Bacchus? Is your sophisticated self trying desperately to bust free? Is it trapped in the vortex of friends that don't share these interests? If you are 40ish (late 30;'s to early 50's) and answered yes; this group may pique your interest. The goal of this meetup is to cultivate a small group of women (6 - 8)who are interested in the finer things in life! Therefore, once a core group of women has been established the group will become closed. It is hoped that regular and committed members will emerge; resulting in a community of connection and friendship. The better members know each other the more enriching the experiences shared. Hope to hear from you!