In the Changeroom - Vancouver

Group Description

Welcome to the Changeroom! Thank you for joining us and we hope you are ready to get to the heart of your bodytude as we all share openly about our journey to finding peace with our bodies. Many women share this common journey of constant dieting and working out only to find themselves in the same (tired, exhausting) spot. There is a far deeper issue at work when it comes to weight loss and loving our bodies. We look at ourselves in the mirror and don't like what we see. We resent our thighs, our stomachs, our butts and we vow to never eat another donut. We run out and buy a pair of runners and relentlessly push ourselves day after day hoping that one day all the work will be worth it and we will look at ourselves and finally see a body we love. But when has love ever come out of a relationship based on hate and a need to "fix"? What if we were able to make peace with our bodies, to love them? If we loved every inch of ourselves, how would we feed our bodies? How would we use them? This is the heart of Body Love - a workshop series that Tara Caffelle and Nicole Owen, the founders of In the Changeroom, have designed to bring to light our bodytude and begin the work of changing it. To find love and acceptance for the body we have been given.